Monday, April 26, 2010

The Peter and Paul Project

I have just launched a project to try to contact as many other churches dedicated to St Peter and St Paul in time for our Patronal Festival on June 27th. Our young people helped me to put a blog together (which is why it is bright pink and luminous green....!) and I have included some of their comments about the church on the page "About us".
As you will see, we already have a few comments from other churches, and I am hoping we will get many more. I'm planning to print them out, with a map showing where the churches are, and pray for our sister churches during the Patronal Festival service.
If you know of any churches dedicated to St Peter and St Paul - not one or the other, but both jointly - please let me know, and, if I can, I'll contact them (It would be better to do this through me, to avoid churches being bombarded by emails!). PLEASE NOTE, I have already contacted all the other St Peter and Paul's in Rochester Diocese (there are 17, including ourselves) so please don't send me links to them!

I wonder how far our greetings will travel, and what we will discover of the great diversity of the people of God in the next couple of months.
Here's the link to the blog again.

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