Friday, April 01, 2016

Friday Group - a great start

 We had a good start to our new Friday Group (we might think of a better name for it one day!). About a dozen people came, enjoyed coffee, cake and a natter.

We mended the village bunting so it would look good for the Queen's 90th Birthday Street Party on Sat June 11 (put the date in your diaries!).

We also thought about what we might like to do in this group in the future, and wrote down our ideas as we chatted. We thought we might do some gardening - planting up pots for the school - and have some outings too. There might also be some play/ poetry reading, art, skill sharing in computers/tablets/mobiles, games and various other ideas. We also thought we might organise some outings.    

Next week, some of the group are going to teach us some card games to play,  and we're going to do some knitting - it doesn't matter what previous knowledge and experience you have; the whole point is to have some fun learning together.
This group is for all adults- not just those who are retired. If you are at home on Friday mornings and would like to come along to get to know others in Seal, just drop in. It is free, but there will be a pot for donations to cover refreshments and heating.

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