Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Snowy Seal

I took the photos that follow as I cleared and salted the church path this morning - there was a foot of snow in some places, and it was blowing into drifts, so I thought I'd better at least try to keep on top of the snow shovelling, or we won't be able to get in at all !

Sledger's Paradise has opened as usual in the field below the church, and remembering this from the last lot of snow, I have put up signs telling sledgers that the church is open for them to come in and warm up, and that we don't mind puddles! (Apologies to whoever is on church cleaning duty this week...) I have also set up the makings of hot drinks, a thermos, a kettle, tea, coffee squash etc. for people to help themselves (with a bowl for donations to Crisis - just imagine being homeless in this...)

I had a couple of cold looking teenagers in the church very gratefully making use of this even before I had finished setting up. I will try to keep this going over the next couple of days if the snow persists.


  1. Anonymous6:28 am

    These are cracking shots ! I feel a series of St. Peter & St. Paul Seal, Christmas cards coming on !?!

  2. Bishop of Rochester11:00 am

    Well done, Anne. Great initiative to offer drinks - and raise money for a good cause at the same time. Perhaps we should make you diocesan adviser for winter ministries!


  3. Excellent initiative. Can we have some photos of folk on sledges and one or two drinking their hot chocolate!

  4. Sledging pictures are here -

    Many thanks for the affirmation, Bishop, and welcome to the Diocese. I think I would rather be diocesan adviser for trips to the Bahamas, though...