Monday, July 02, 2007

The Patronal Festival: a splendid weekend

We've had a splendid weekend! Despite persistent rain, and the road into Seal being closed by roadworks, our Patronal Festival was enjoyed by all.

Thursday and Friday were a flurry of flowery activity, with much laughter and mutual support as we all wrestled with Oasis and greenery. By the time we launched the festival with an informal concert, given by the choir and friends on Friday the church was full of extraordinary displays of flowers. There weren't any rules for the festival, so there was a glorious variety from the exhibitors. Grand arrangements and tiny arrangements, children, adults, experienced arrangers and complete novices. You can find more photos of the event here, but I didn't get everything on camera, so if you've got more, or better, photos please send them along.

Throughout the day on Saturday we had visitors in the church - it helped that we were about the only local event happening undercover! A request for "any spare plants" for a plant sale had produced half a garden centre's worth of vegetation, and I had my hands full most of the day selling it off. We still had plenty at the end, though, so Sunday's worshippers were all instructed to take a plant home if they could. Many thanks to those who provided and served refreshments on Saturday. They were much appreciated by the weather-beaten visitors.

Sunday's Patronal festival and Parish lunch set a suitably festive mood, though the weather refused to join in, and there was no way we could eat outside in the Vicarage garden. Thank you to the Events committee for the delicious food , which tasted just as good indoors as out, and to Nicky Harvey who organised games for the children (who didn't mind the wet grass and occasional showers!)

Finally a festival evensong rounded off the weekend. Daniel and the choir summoned up their last reserves of energy to provide beautiful music as ever.

Many people made this weekend a success - both within the church and beyond it. Thank you to you all.