Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Scarecrow winners

A rather belated round-up of all the scarecrows (I think!) there were around the village this Harvest. 
Ist prize went to Justice League - a whole crowd of superheroes in Ragstones.

2nd Prize - Jon Snow

3rd Prize  - A family of scarecrows in the High Street (this photo and the three below)

5th Prize - George and the dragon slugged it out in Park Lane - the princess looked on from above.

Choosing the prize winners was tough, and all were good. More entries below.

Monday, October 02, 2017

Anyone else "ploughing the fields and scattering"?

We sang this hymn yesterday at our Harvest Festival, so I thought I would re-share the blog post from our series on hymns earlier this year, in case anyone else is "ploughing the fields and scattering " at the moment!

St Peter and St Paul, Seal: Singing the Faith: Day 29: Songs for the Seasons: We plough the fields and scatter In the final week of our series, we will think about hymns which mark particular seasons of the year,...