Saturday, July 08, 2017

Bromley to Southwark - we made it!

Some photos of our Sponsored Pilgrimage from Bromley to Southwark Cathedral, a 14 mile walk through the outskirts of London. Well done to everyone that took part! 
We're off! On the train to Bromley

Our walk started by crossing the Meridien.

Golfers are obviously dangerous people...

There were suprisingly rural and unspoiled corners along the way.

Along the way we left prayer cards, with a greeting and a blessing. We hope they will be a nice surprise for people coming to worship tomorrow.

We came across a dinosaure infested park (Crystal Palace)

And we stumbled across the London Youth  Games
Trust me, from this point on the site of the Crystal Palace, you could see the Wrotham TV mast, near Seal!

Crystal Palace TV mast.

We found some lovely churches open along the way.

A break at the Dulwich Picture Gallery cafe.

We couldn't miss a photo of Theo (Theodore) under the sigh that read "God's Gift" since that's what his name means ( and exactly what he is to all of us! ) 

A lovely, welcoming modern church, built on the site of a church that had burned down. The churchwarden was delighted to see us and let us spend some time here.

We stumbled into another church's street party - they were just setting up, and offered us lunch, though we didn't have time to stay. 

A beautiful mosque
We kept seeing the Shard in the distance, which we knew was right by our journey's end. 

There's the Shard again.
Borough market , right by Southwark Cathedral 

We were warmly welcomed at Southwark Cathedral for Evensong.