Friday, February 03, 2012

Jubilee and Olympic torch plans

At the Know Your Neighbours meeting last night we talked about plans to celebrate the Jubilee (with a Big Lunch on the Rec on Sunday June 3) and the Olympic Torch procession through the village on July 20.
You can find more details of this on the Know Your Neighbours blog here.

Two events coming up in our community

  • On Saturday February 11that 7pm,  Mark Anstis will be holding a quiz night in aid of Help The Heros. Please try and support this. The cost is £5 per head, to include a Ploughmans’ Supper. There will also be a great raffle.
  • Over the Christmas period, Ben Gilchrist lost a young friend, Tom,  to meningitis. Obviously, this has had a devastating effect on family and friends. Ben and  Tom’s brother are running the London Marathon for the Meningitis Trust. If you feel you can help by making a donation to this trust, please subscribe to 

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Rochester Diocese Mothers' Union Coffee House

Rochester MOTHERS’ UNION COFFEE HOUSE is an e-club which is intended to attract and cater for people in parishes who would believe in what Mothers’ Union stands for, but are unable or unwilling , or, perhaps, just too young to be interested in the kind of activity which has been the mainstay of Mothers’ Union for so many years.
MUCH will be producing a link magazine every other month which they hope will encourage its members to think about and involve themselves in what Mothers’ Union has always done:  the advancement and encouragement of Christian marriage and family life in the worldwide context.
The magazine will be distributed by e-mail and members will also be invited to attend a gathering, one at Bluewater and the other in the evening at a pub so that, if they wish, they can meet fellow-members.  An important ingredient will be participation of members in what interests THEM and what THEIR views are and, to that end, they are planning a Facebook page and each issue will encourage you to join in whatever is discussed. 
If you would like to have a look at the newsletter, click here. 

Rochester Mothers' Union website is here