Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Diamond Jubilee Big Lunch

Diamond Jubilation!
It may have been a bit drizzly, but that didn't stop lots of  people turning out for our Diamond Jubilee Big Lunch. The children didn't care a bit if they got damp bouncing on the bouncy castles, there was plenty of food and drink, and plenty of people to share it, so a good time was had by all. I spent four hours on the floor of the pavilion making corgis and spinners with the seemingly numberless small children who turned up, aided by Barbara Martin, my long-suffering husband Philip and even my poor mother, who had come up for the weekend for a family celebration of her own birthday on Monday and found herself pressed into service... It is a risky thing being a member of a priest's family...

Many thanks should go to those who laboured to bring this village celebration about - Nicky Harvey and Marion Gilchrist in particular worked long and hard to bring it together, and many others helped on the day to put marquees up, stock and serve beer, tea and coffee etc.
Many people commented on the lovely atmosphere, and there were quite a few who had never been to anything in Seal before, and were bowled over by the warmth of welcome and the fun of the day.

Photos below are from Nicky Harvey and Jill and Katy Myers - if anyone has any more they'd like to share, please send them along!

The bouncy castles were swarming with children all afternoon

Well done to our team of face painters! Very good work, girls!

Patriotic foodstuffs were in abundance

"Bring and share" always results in a mountain of food!

 People just couldn't resist the urge to dress up...

Craft activities - things being glued to other things (and people).

Union flag spinners made out of paper plates...

Corgis - it's amazing what you can make with an old Actimel bottle, a few bits of cardboard and a bit of ingenuity...