Friday, May 23, 2008

Meet your neighbours - what happened next?

The "Meet your neighbours " sessions we held in April were a roaring success. Lots of people came and chatted - we virtually had to throw people out at the end. Marion Gilchrist and her team also had the wisdom to ask people to write down any ideas they had about future events that could be planned to enrich our village life. One idea that had a lot of support was for a Village Fete, which has been scheduled to take place on Sept 13th. Planning is in the early stages, but there will be stalls, food and drink, games etc. and it will be a good chance to continue to get to know people locally as well as raising money for the organisations the stallholders choose to support.
The next planning meeting for this will be on Thursday June 12th at 7.30 in the church hall. All are welcome!