Saturday, September 10, 2011

Another sucessful fete !

Some photos from the fete. Another very successful year - the rain held off, against all expectations until nearly the end, and there was plenty of trade.
The belly dancers had their traditional (by now) problems with the music not playing, but all was sorted in the end, and a supportive crowd gave us a warm welcome! (or possibly just wanted it all to be over...)

Many thanks, as ever, to all who helped, especially to Marion Gilchrist, who kept us all in order at our planning meetings with great good humour.
This was a "Know Your Neighbours" event. Know Your Neighbours is an informal group which tries to find ways to draw our community together. Anyone can get involved - just let us know and we'll put you on our email list and let you know when the next meeting is. We will soon be starting to plan our Christmas event....