Thursday, May 03, 2007

Something worth seeing

I visited a fascinating exhibition this week at the British Library, next to Kings Cross/St Pancras. The "Sacred" exhibition brings together a wealth of beautiful copies of the sacred books of Christianity, Judaism and Islaam. If you are interested in how these books came to be written, and how they have been passed on through the ages, this exhibition will fascinate you , as it did me. The exhibits are often beautiful in their own right, intricately illuminated works of art, but the exhibition also explains in a very accessible way how the three faiths have regarded and used their scriptures. Even better news is that the exhibition is free (though you do need a ticket, and the British Library recommends reserving one in advance, which you can do on their website.) Sacred runs until 23rd Sept, so there's plenty of time to see it. While you're there, don't miss the permanent exhibition of the British Library's treasures, in the Ritblat gallery.

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