Sunday, November 09, 2008

Spread a little love...


The Little Love Project provides tiny clothing for premature, miscarried and stillborn babies primarily for Pembury, Maidstone and Great Ormond Street Hospital.
The sewing involves making very simple little gowns for babies born too soon and also
simple little wraps. Instructions are provided to sewers. The knitting is for simple blankets, v-neck cardigans, bonnets, booties etc. If you’d like to know more, please contact Tanya Wright 01732 762152 or email
She has patterns for really tiny sizes that she can pass on. You’d need to supply your own materials, however as the items are so tiny that they don't use up too much wool/material at all. They're also very quick to make too.

Having these items readily available to clothe a baby that wasn't expected so soon (or so tiny) is one less thing for grieving or anxious parents to have to think about and communicates to them that they aren’t alone in their time of trouble.

Here’s a pattern for a tiny blanket pattern to get you started. You can use any colour wool you like EXCEPT YELLOW! (Premature babies are often jaundiced, and yellow wool makes it hard for medical staff to tell what is jaundice and what is the reflected colour of the blanket!)

Baby's 1st Blanket
This blanket is warm with no holes for little fingers to catch in. It can be used to wrap baby up whilst feeding or nursing, or as a little cover. It fits the little cribs in Hospitals. It's approx 24" Square.

Materials----- 200gm of Double Knit-Size 8 UK needles
Cast on 1 stitch. Next row :-- Make the I stitch into 2 sts. Next row :-- Knit 1 , into the next stitch make another , 3sts on needle. Continue to knit, ALWAYS knit the 1st stitch and in the 2nd stitch make another Only increase this way at the BEGINNING of a row Continue until you have almost come to the end of 100gm ball. Knit 1 row plain. Next row :-- Knit 1, Knit 2 together Knit to end of row. Continue this way, Always knit the 1st stitch then decrease into next stitch by knitting 2 together until 1 stitch remains. CAST OFF. You should now have a neat square. If you wish it can be lightly steamed. Do NOT let the iron touch the fabric.

Tanya has agreed to be a collection point for anything you have knitted – please contact her to arrange to deliver what you have made. If there is enough response we will gather what we have made together during a service in church and bless them before sending them off. Watch this space!

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