Sunday, December 14, 2008


We are getting rid of the ex-restaurant chairs from the church hall (non-stacking, slightly padded, wooden chairs) as we acquired (free!) some new (to us) stacking chairs during the summer, which will take up less room in the hall. The old chairs are in reasonable repair, but showing their age. If anyone would like any of them, please say so – whatever is left over after Christmas will be taken to the tip!


  1. Anonymous12:09 pm

    Why not put them on Freecycle? It is a free website where you can post unwanted items, and then people from the local area can collect them and use them, instead of them going in the bin. There is a Sevenoaks Freecycle group. The website is

  2. Thanks, Annette.
    I was planning on doing that anyway in a day or so, as I am a Sevenoaks freecycler too, but I wanted to give the congregation first refusal!