Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding Street Party

Will anyone turn up?
We had a wonderful turnout and a great atmosphere for our Royal Wedding Street Party. Just before 2pm, when the festivities were due to begin none of us were sure whether anyone would turn up, but then, all of a sudden the centre of the village seemed to be full of people. There was plenty of food - thank you to everyone who "brought and shared" - and the Five Bells seemed to be doing a roaring trade in drink. The sun shone - not a trace of the threatened showers - and everyone seemed to be full of chat. 

Yes ! Standing room only!

 For Nicky Harvey and I, however, it was all go, as we were crowded out with children wanting to make crowns. We cut and stuck for two and a half hours solid, and definitely deserve to be called the "glitterati" by the end of it, as we, and the  street around us seemed to be covered in the stuff! It was great fun, and we crowned many kings and queens of Seal, which has now declared itself to be an independent monarchy!

A big thank you to everyone from the Know Your Neighbours group who organised this afternoon. We hope, I am sure, that William and Catherine are as satisfied with their festivities as we were with ours.

Intense concentration...

More intense concentration...

"I now crown you King of Seal..."

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