Monday, October 17, 2011

Messy Church

We had a great time at Messy Church yesterday. We thought about the parable of the mustard seed. Jesus likened the Kingdom of God to a tiny seed which seemed to be nothing when it was sown, but grew into a tree big enough for all the birds of the air to nest in its branches.
As you can see from the pictures, those who came really got into the various "tree related" activities, feathers were stuck to birds, and two large banners made, very messily, with leaf and hand prints. We made trees with birds  to take away, and mustard seeds were sown (actually not the same  "mustard" as the plant Jesus talks about, but never mind - it got us thinking about growing things!). We made extraordinary creatures out of pine cones and acorns, threaded leaves with wool and stuck leaves to sticky back plastic to make window pictures.

We heard Mary Joslin's lovely version of this parable too, "The story of the Heaven tree" - and prayed for our beautiful world and our responsibility to sow mustard seeds within it.
Tea and cake ended the session as usual. Great fun for all (children and adults) - many thanks to all who helped. The next Messy Church is on Dec 4th, and will have a Christmas theme (what a surprise!)
Some pictures below:

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