Monday, January 16, 2012

Olympic Torch Plans

Seal Parish Council are making plans to welcome the Olympic Torch Relay through the village on Friday July 20th 2012. I have pasted below their message on the Parish Council website.
(You can also keep up to date on the parish council Facebook page

The Parish Council says:

The Olympic Torch Relay is coming to Seal Village on Friday 20th July 2012.
Seal Primary School took part in the Sevenoaks District launch on Monday 7th November and will play an important part on the 20th with other primary schools.
We are hoping to involve the whole community in celebrating this occassion.

If you or friends lived in Seal during 1948 and still live in the parish and remember the torch coming through Seal please contact us.

If you have a field/carpark in or on the outskirts of Seal that could be used for visitor parking on the 20th July please contact us.

If you live on the High Street we will have a large number of visitors on that day. Therefore if you are in the early stages of planning hanging baskets, tubs for this summer, perhaps consider a couple extra. The village planting in our tubs will be red,white and blue.

Planning is in the very early stages we will put updated information on our noticeboards and this website in the near future. You can visit the website below for info on the relay route.

If you can  help in any of the ways the Council asks, please contact them
The Know Your Neighbours group will be involved as seems appropriate nearer the time, so watch this space or the Know Your Neighbours blog for more details.

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