Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Rochester Diocese Mothers' Union Coffee House

Rochester MOTHERS’ UNION COFFEE HOUSE is an e-club which is intended to attract and cater for people in parishes who would believe in what Mothers’ Union stands for, but are unable or unwilling , or, perhaps, just too young to be interested in the kind of activity which has been the mainstay of Mothers’ Union for so many years.
MUCH will be producing a link magazine every other month which they hope will encourage its members to think about and involve themselves in what Mothers’ Union has always done:  the advancement and encouragement of Christian marriage and family life in the worldwide context.
The magazine will be distributed by e-mail and members will also be invited to attend a gathering, one at Bluewater and the other in the evening at a pub so that, if they wish, they can meet fellow-members.  An important ingredient will be participation of members in what interests THEM and what THEIR views are and, to that end, they are planning a Facebook page and each issue will encourage you to join in whatever is discussed. 
If you would like to have a look at the newsletter, click here. 

Rochester Mothers' Union website is here

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