Thursday, April 25, 2013


Over the last three years, the Coalition Government has announced a range of welfare reforms. Each new tax or benefit reform has prompted a great deal of analysis of how many households will be affected and by how much. Yet, little has been done to examine the cumulative impact of the reforms.
By telling the story of two hypothetical households, this paper explores the cumulative impact of welfare reforms on household finances. With some reforms leading to a gain in disposable income and others resulting in a loss, this paper demonstrates the overall effect of welfare reforms. 
This paper is the second of three to be published by Church Urban Fund and the Church of England on welfare reform. The first was a Guide to Welfare Reform that summarises the most significant reforms of recent years. The third paper in this mini-series will look at the broader impact of welfare reform and how explore how churches can best support those affected. 
This paper was co-authored by:
  • Bethany Eckley, Church Urban Fund 
  • Tom Sefton, Mission and Public Affairs Council of the Church of England

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