Monday, July 08, 2013

REALLY Messy Church

What do you suppose happens when you give the Messy Church tribe garden sprayers full of poster paint and tell them to fire at will...?

1. Some seriously paint-splattered children (and adults) - the pictures above were taken in the early, and fairly restrained, stage of the proceedings...
2. Bushes in the church hall garden with very odd coloured leaves
3. A wonderful banner to go in church!

The banner should be up by next Sunday, but here is a sneak preview...
(We pinned paper hearts to the banner first, then sprayed it, as a "s-prayer" for those we loved. Then we removed the hearts..)

What we needed after that were some glitter shakers - shake them up and watch them settle ...

The recipe is - one plastic water bottle, about a tablespoon full of glitter, some sequins and/or plastic confetti, and one drop of washing up liquid (otherwise the glitter clumps together). Put it all in the bottle, filling it right to the top with water, put the top on firmly (we stuck tape around it to make sure!) and shake...

The children also went away with a prayer book to decorate, with some of my favourite prayers - some for now, and some to grow into. You can download a copy of it here. I designed it as an A5 booklet. If you can't print it out like that, just print it onto separate sheets, cut the prayers out and stick them into a scrapbook of your own.

And here is the prayer chatterbox.

There will be more ideas for prayer - for adults and children - at the back of church over the summer, and I will put resources on the website and blog too, so do pop into church, or back here and have a look sometime.

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