Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Something to sing about! Advent Breathing Space Communion tomorrow.

Tomorrow evening (Dec 4) we hold the first of our special Advent Breathing Space Communion services. If you haven't been to a Breathing Space Communion before, they are simple, said services of Communion, with lots of silence and a short talk. There's a chance to light a candle as a prayer for anyone you are particularly thinking of and there aren't any hymns, so you don't have to worry about singing!

The theme of the talks, though, will be a musical one - "Something to sing about!". We'll be looking at three of the songs that feature in Luke's account of the Nativity - the Song of Mary (the Magnificat), the Song of Zechariah (the Benedictus) and the Song of the Angels (the Gloria which the angels sing when they announce the birth to the shepherds.)

The Advent Breathing Space services are candlelit, with some music to listen to as we arrive and as we receive Communion, and they are a wonderful antidote to the busyness of the rest of the world at this time of year.
The silences are meant to be like pools of water, into which the words we have heard and said can fall gently as we watch the ripples spread out into our lives. They are always profoundly peaceful times of worship (we have a regular Breathing Space Communion on the third Sunday evening of each month)

Everyone is welcome at these services  (4, 11,18 Dec),  so come along and give it a try.

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