Friday, November 20, 2015

Advent Candle Light colouring

How are you going to mark Advent?
It's good to find time and space amidst the busyness to pause and reflect. If you're into colouring, here's an Advent exercise for you. Print out the picture - there's a PDF version here if you prefer it
(You are also welcome to copy the idea and draw your own version - your handwriting may be tidier than mine - I threw this together yesterday!)

Starting on Dec 1, find candle ray number 1, look up the bible verse - there's an online bible here, where you can enter the verse - Then decorate that candle ray as you want. You could fill it with patterns, draw a picture, write out the verse, or a word from's up to you.
On Christmas Eve colour the candle and the flame.
Why not post a picture on social media at the end, or as you go along, to share your Advent journey?

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