Friday, March 25, 2016

Good Friday at Seal.

Here are some pictures of our Good Friday activites at Seal, starting with Messy Church this morning, then our Good Friday displays, which will be up in church at least for Easter week. Pop in some time and see them - the church is open all day every day.

Foil crosses and cupcake and clothes peg butterflies from Messy Church.

Cut out Easter Eggs

Some special visitors - newly hatched chicks.

We made a standing cross. Most are carved from stone, but ours was made of banana boxes. We stamped pictures linked to the stories of Holy Week.

Cup cake butterflies in the making - loads of glitter!

We decorated jam jars and put cotton wool soaked in scented oil to remember the spice jars the women took to Jesus' tomb.

A happy throng!

We made Easter cards for our friends and thought about the friendships in the Easter story.

The refreshment team taking a break.

We made a crown of thorns and added our prayers to it.

The friendship display, with our friendship chain.

A display about the arrest of Jesus.

Our High Cross, and the display that goes with it.

Some of our foil crosses.

The High Cross

Candles lit during our Good Friday service.

During the Good Friday service I preached on Jesus as the Second Adam, and the choir sang Newman's hymn, in the setting by Somervell, Praise to the Holiest in the Height. The sermon is here.

The display in the Lady Chapel is about Mary Magdalene. One of our decorated "spice jars" stands in the middle with some scented oil to smell.

What's your favourite smell? You can write it on the jar in the display.

The display stands on the"tomb". The stone is rolled across it, but what will happen on Easter Sunday?

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