Friday, June 16, 2017

Seal School's Den Day

Seal Primary School held a "Den Day" today, following some work they had been doing with Empathy Action  and raised money for Save the Children as well as raising awareness of the problems refugees face. They spend the morning building dens in the school grounds, and then invited parents and friends to see their creations. They developed their team working as well as their construction skills, and had a huge amount of fun! The dens were all very different, but all great in their own way. Here are some photos of the dens (I haven't taken any of the den-builders, because we are very careful not to put pictures of the children on social media at Seal School). You can find out more about Den Day and Save the Children here. 

These den builders had some beautiful things in their den. 

....and music too!

Some of the dens made use of the trees in Seal School's woodlands.

These den builders obviously took pride in their work!

The builders of this den decided it needed fairy lights because it needed to be filled with love and hope, and the lights would remind them of that.

This den had inventive interior decor.

The children had been able to buy wristbands made by Syrian refugees for a donation to Save the Children.

Someone had thought about the cooking and warmth here. 

The builders of this den proudly pointed out that it was very long on the inside - a tardis den.

A patriotic den.

It had a separate section for boys and girls - don't know whether it was the boys or girls who suggested that!
A very neat den.
It was all in aid of Save the Children, and the children enthusiastically collected at the entrance to each den (which got quite expensive, as there were a lot of them!

The children had been thinking about what it might be like to be a refugee.

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