Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Autumn ideas for families with children

Welcome to Next Steps Autumn 2017. Autumn is a big time for feeling thankful and being a blessing to others if we can. It’s also a season of remembering those who have died - those we knew and loved, and those who died in war. Families can be involved in it all, both at home and in your local church.

Huge thanks

Now is a great time to get involved in the big thank you celebrations of Harvest Festivals and learning more about why saying ‘thanks’ is more than just good manners.

Kindness counts

There are so many ways to be kind. Find out what Jesus said about it and try out some simple acts of kindness in everyday life.

Love, loss and remembering

All families face loss, but at this time of year, both at home or in church, there are lovely ways to be involved in remembering those who have died.

Loving and giving

Being generous isn’t always about money. We can help and bless other people with our time and talents too. Discover how giving makes a difference.

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