Monday, January 29, 2018

Great fun at Messy Church

Some photos from yesterday's Messy Church, on the theme of houses and building. It was Homeless Sunday yesterday, so it seemed a good moment to think about what homes mean to us. We built with all sorts of things. We made some big cardboard box houses and decorated them, and some welcome banners to take home. We also made "gnome homes" out of paper cups, and a mobile with four different habitats and the creatures that live in them. The next Messy Church is on Good Friday, March 30th, in church from 10 -11.30am. 

Building with home made cardboard building shapes. Great fun, but quite wobbly!
That's one way of make the building more stable!

Welcome banners

Habitat making. 

The basic structure is made from four paper plates cut and folded, then stapled together. 

Love your "gnome home" Ali!
Anyone home? 

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