Sunday, September 23, 2018

Messy Fun

We were thinking about gratitude at our Messy Church today. We made a banner by printing with leaves. Scroll to the end to see the finished article.

A good turn out of all ages - hard at work!

We made gratitude wheels, with things we were thankful for underneath the wheel to be revealed as you turned it.

And we made leaf lanterns.

The light shining through the leaves was very pretty. We sang our thankyous for the beauty of autumn later in our worship.

Somehow we always start fairly organised, but by halfway through the session all the activities are jumbled up together. We could have each activity on a separate table, but we like talking to each other, so we embrace the "messy" in Messy Church and work through the chaos!

We made place mats, which I laminated. Most had things drawn on them that we were thankful for, but this one was painted in autumn colours. There are graces to say before meals printed on the mats. We said (and sang) some of them later, before our tea. 

As ever, Ali wanted to show off her creations. Well done, Ali!

Tada! Here is the finished banner, with the tape peeled off to show the words. Great work everyone! It will go in church for Harvest on Oct 7.

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