Thursday, October 04, 2018

Some scarecrows...

Here are some of the scarecrows I've been able to find around the village. More pics coming later, so if yours isn't here, don't worry, I will include it in the next post. Not all have been entered officially into the scarecrow competition, but they are all bringing a smile to people's faces as they go around the village. You can find out how to vote for your favourites here. 
A very scary scarecrow in Zambra Way

...but he hasn't scared this Seal School pupil. They are made of stronger stuff.
There's a nautical (and piratical) theme to some of the scarecrows at the east end of the village. Here's a splendid pirate on Fuggles cottage.

And a whole sea scene down Park Lane

And here's another pirate and a mermaid (and some treasure). Maybe the east end of the village is anticipating rising sea levels with all these watery scarecrows...

20 High Street's Mary Poppins has just flown in by umbrella.

Lots of colour in front of the former Kentish Yeoman

And here is Judy Cator, who will be taking your votes and judging the competition (see what we did with her name there...?) Thanks to the Friday Group for this one. Friday Group meets in the church hall every Friday Morning from 10 -12 noon. Anyone is welcome.

Harry Potter is off to school from the first floor of Bretaneby.

And there's a scarecrow librarian in the library (where else would she be?)

There's a witch on 41 Zion Street

and a skier is having a rest in Church Street.

Here's my scarecrow - not entered in the competition, but just for fun - in the churchyard. The angel has messages which you can tear off and take home. 

The allotmenteers have put out a whole family of scarecrows. 

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