Tuesday, April 02, 2019

About Time 28

The final chance, in our #AboutTime series to return to whatever it is you have been watching over the last four weeks. How has it changed in that time? I'm wondering if the Clematis "Blue Dancer " I've been keeping an eye on is in bloom yet...I always look forward to it - it is the bluest blue you can get - but I think it might not quite have made the deadline! Plenty of other things have flowered, and in some cases finished flowering during this four week series, though. The snowdrops have all gone - just leaves now, building up strength for next year. Some of the dates are past it too, but the tulips are just starting to come into their own and I have windowsills full of seedlings promising good things for the summer (provided they escape the slugs and rabbits...) Growing, changing, flowering, seeding, dying - they are all part of life, with their own grace and wisdom.

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