Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Some of the scarecrows (so far)

Some great scarecrows so far - not a comprehensive collection, just those that people have spotted and taken a photo of so far - , and it's only the first week of our scarecrow competition - plenty of time to enter yours if you haven't made one yet. The details are here . Many thanks to Janetta and Jenny for the photos.

Santa has dropped in early to give a plug to our village "Christmas light switch on" on Sat 7th Dec and village party.

An elegant acrobat/dancer

This chap is taking off for a ride in a hot air balloon.

Spiderman will be along in a minute to help us out, if only he can get out of his own spider web!

Another superhero around the corner

Looks like someone's got a tiger coming to tea.

We're all puzzling about the Beaver encampment  and the 20 green (and other colours) bottles hanging on the wire. It's certainly a talking point!
Update: having just talked to Helen, the "Chip" (Beaver leader), apparently it's all about recycling, the Beaver's theme for this term. The bottles are recycled, and they've recycled a compost bin to make Chip (honestly, Helen doesn't look like this...) Thumbs up to the Beavers. Maybe we should introduce the Greta Thunberg scarecrow (below) to them...?

This scary looking chap is on the green too.

Fortunately Seal is under the capable supervision of this pair of farmers in Church Farm.

And we have the Good Shepherd watching over us too in the churchyard. This is mine!

A bear going for a bike ride.

Glad to see we have a man of science among us too.

This chap is set to dazzle in his stripy get up.

And we have our very own Greta Thunberg, reminding us to care for our planet.

And if you are feeling peckish after all this, Ganga restaurant have someone on hand to whip you up a delicious meal as ever!

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