Sunday, March 22, 2020

Our podcasts of morning and evening worship are here! Join in the worship of Seal Church.

There will be no Sunday services in church for the time being, BUT there will be links to the podcasts of morning and evening worship each week - check the church website, on Sunday morning for the links. Just because we can't worship face to face, doesn't mean that we can't worship! I will also post the links on Facebook and Twitter. It's been a steep learning curve this week, discovering how to put these podcasts together, and there are probably still some clicks and whirrs and glitches, but hopefully by the time the coronavirus has passed over I'll be a dab hand at it. Do let me know what you think!

Morning Worship Podcast        Morning Worship Service sheet
Evensong Podcast                    Evensong Service sheet
                                                    (service sheets have texts of the prayers so that you can join in if                                                     you'd like to)   

The church is still open every day for private prayer so do pop in if you can.

To join in with the daily prayer of the Church of England go to the  website here,
For a simpler form of daily prayer in times of need, check out my page here, or there is a downloadable version of these prayers and the simple order of service here.

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