Sunday, April 19, 2020

EASTERTIDE AT HOME: Sunday worship for Easter 2

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Morning worship
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On the morning of the second Sunday in Eastertide we traditionally hear the story of St Thomas, often called Doubting Thomas, because he wouldn't believe that Jesus had risen until he could see him for himself, wounds and all. He had missed the moment on Easter Day when Jesus first appeared to the disciples in he upper room where they were hiding.
A week later, Jesus appeared again, just for him, and invited Thomas to touch his wounds, but Thomas didn't need to. Just the sight of Jesus was enough. Thomas didn't just come to believe that Jesus was alive, but also declared that he was Lord and God.
It changed Thomas completely.

The picture below, by Daniel Seiter, painted around 1700 captures the moment when everything changed for Thomas. I particularly like the fact that, unlike many depictions of this scene Thomas is not looking at the wounds, but at Jesus. He though he needed physically to touch Jesus' scars to believe, but realises that it is the relationship he has with him that really matters.

This evening's service, a traditional service of said evensong from the Book of Common Prayer,  includes the famous story of Daniel in the Lion's den and the resurrection story from Mark's Gospel.

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Margaret Pritchard-Houston tells the story of Thomas and shares some "wondering questions" here.

Resources to explore the story from Rootsontheweb 

Resources from Together at Home

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