Monday, November 30, 2020

Advent Windows

Look out for a new Advent window around the village each day during Advent.

You can find this week’s windows in the roads below. Look out for a number in the window, like the one on the right. If you visit all the Advent windows, either as they open or all together on a Boxing Day walk at the end, you will find a letter in each one which, unscrambled, will form a message. The windows will stay up until Dec 29.
Dec     1.Church Road
2. Church Road
3. Zambra Way
4. Zambra Way
5. High Street (north side)
6. High Street (south side)
You can find a map telling you where to find the Advent windows by clicking on the picture below. If you need a printed version and don't have a printer, email me at and I will print one for you, or there is a copy pinned to the church gates for you to view.

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