Sunday, December 20, 2020

Online carol service

Our Online Carol Service will be available from 6pm today, with carols recorded by Seal Choir, and readings from members of our congregation. There's even a remotely recorded version of "Away in a Manger" stitched together from individual recordings made at home, which I guarantee will melt your heart! Check out the link here from 6pm (it won't work before then). The service sheet, with all the carol words, is here,so you can join in with the singing.

Our short outdoor carol service at 3pm will still be going ahead, but we recognise that with the proper concerns around about the new variant of Covid many people will, quite reasonably, decide to stay at home. We will be being ultra cautious, but we won't be at all upset if there are just a few of us there, so please don't feel you should come, even if you had planned to, if it doesn't feel wise or safe for you. 

I know how sad and disappointed many people are feeling this weekend, as I am too, and I will be holding in prayer all who are dealing with the stress of having to abandon plans to gather with loved ones. It's ok to feel really fed up, and to shout at God if you need to - I certainly am!

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