Sunday, October 24, 2021

Sunday Worship podcast link and other news: Oct 24 Bible Sunday


Join us for worship online, on the phone or in the building today. 

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Worship podcast        Order of service
You can also access this podcast by phoning 01732 928061

In the church building today
10 am   Holy Communion
6.30pm  Evensong (Said)

During the week
Wednesday@10 am Zoom Church (email for the link)
                                   No adult or children's choir this week - half-term
Friday              9.30 am Morning Prayer in Church 

                           10.00-12 noon   Friday Group in the church hall

In the church building next Sunday - Oct 31
10 am   Holy Communion
6.30pm  All Souls' service

Bible Sunday
Isaiah 55.1-11, John 5.36b-47

Mary Magdalene sits on the floor engrossed in reading a Bible.Today is Bible Sunday,The collect for the day famously asks that God would help us to "read, mark, learn and inwardly digest" the Scriptures. It raises the question for each of us of what the Bible means to us. Is it a treasure store that equips us and strengthens our faith, a stumbling block that we would rather avoid, or simply a (literally) closed book. 
Today's sermon explores the significance of the Bible and (hopefully!) encourages us to dive in and see what it has to offer. 
I have produced a leaflet with background information and ideas for getting started with the Bible which is available in church, or you can download here. There are lots of links in the leaflet to websites and apps, (as well as books) which might help with Bible reading. 

(Pic: The Magdaen Reading, by Rogier van der Weyden)


This lovely colouring sheet expresses the way in which God's life bursts out from the stories of the Bible, inspiring and helping us.
How many Bible stories do you know? Are there any reminders of them in the picture?
(Copies of the colouring page can also be picked up from the Children's Chapel in church if you haven't got a printer. )

STORY OF THE WEEK – Colossians 4
During October we have been reading through the letter to the Colossians – one chapter per week. This week, we’ve reached the end!
In this chapter, Paul rounds off his letter with a reminder to pray, for him, and for one another. He then goes on to share greetings from others who are known to the community in Colossae but who, like him, are separated from them. We may not know who these men and women are, and it’s tempting to skip over the list of names, but these final verses give us a precious glimpse into this little band of early followers of the way of Christ. It shows us a picture of human beings, like us, trying to live out the faith they have found and of their love for one another. This list of names reminds us that each of us is vital to God’s work.
  • How would Paul have written about each of us if he was writing now?
ALL SOULS SERVICE There will be a quiet service of hymns, readings and reflection next Sunday Evening at 6.30pm to remember those we love who have died. If you would like us to name someone in the prayers please add them in CAPITAL LETTERS to the list on the clipboard at the back of church. The church will be open from 5.45 pm if anyone would like to light a candle and spend time in quiet reflection before the service, or prefers not to stay for it.
RECRUITING We shall need a new honorary Treasurer in a couple of months’ time, and new churchwarden’s next year. We also need a new PCC secretary (mainly to take minutes at PCC meetings) right now. Can you help. Role descriptions for these voluntary roles are on the board at the back of church, or you can download them here (ChurchwardenTreasurerPCC Secretary) and I will be happy to chat with you if you think these roles might be for you. 
CHURCH HEATING Apologies that the church is chilly because of delays to the fitting of the new boiler and on fuel deliveries. We hope the heating will be able to be switched on in a few weeks’ time.
Seal Village Hall. Sat Nov 6th, 10.45-12 noon
Please join us for a cuppa, to chat about what goes on now in our village, and what you’d like to see in the future, along with how we might achieve this.
There will be a CHRISTMAS BAZAAR in Seal Village Hall on Sunday November 21st from 10.30am-3pm.
We need your help…
  • If you are a regular at a local business in Seal or Sevenoaks, could you ask them if they might donate a tombola prize? Please tell Marion Gilchrist who you will be asking, so the local shops aren’t inundated with requests!
  • Could you commit yourself to making some cakes for the refreshments or to help on the day? There is a list at the back of church to sign up for this or you can email

For more community news from Marion Gilchrist, check out the Know Your Neighbours blog.


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