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Join us for worship online, on the phone or in the building today. 

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In the church building today
10 am   Holy Communion
6.30pm Evensong

During the week
Wednesday@10.00 am Zoom Church (email for the link)
                                 5pm Children's Choir
                                 7.15 pm Adult Choir

Friday              9.30 am Morning Prayer in Church 
                           10.00-12 noon   Friday Group in the church hall

In the church building next Sunday - Nov 28

10 am   Holy Communion
6.30pm Evensong

Christ the King

Manuscript illustration of Christ enthroned in glory, surrounded by symbols of the four Gospel writers.Today marks the end of the Church's year. The new year starts on Advent Sunday next week, as we begin to tell the cycle of stories of the life of Jesus, from his birth in Bethlehem through to his crucifixion, resurrection and ascension. The cycle culminates today as we ponder what it means to call Christ "king", allowing him to influence and guide us in the way we live. It is a good day to think about power - it's use and misuse. We all have some sort of power, even if it is only exercised in the way we treat our friends, family and neighbours, the things we buy, and the way we vote. It's a good day to think, too, about who we allow to have power over us, who or what we allow to shape our values and set our direction in life. What place does our faith have in all of this, and what does the kingship of Christ look like?
Kevin Bright is our preacher today and will be helping us to explore these themes. 


  • Make a crown out of whatever you have in the house. As you do so, think and talk about who has power to tell us what to do, and how we might have power over others.
  • If you were king or queen of the world, in charge of everything, what would you do?
Today's Gospel story.
STORY OF THE WEEK - Matthew 25.31-46
There’s a common theme in folktales of the king who goes “incognito” amongst his people, seeing how they might behave towards him when they don’t know he is a king. Jesus’ parable explores this idea. Those who truly recognise his kingship, his right to guide and shape their lives, will live in ways that line up with his message all the time.
Being part of the kingdom of God is not just (or mainly) about having a “ticket to heaven” when we die, but about living as members of his kingdom right now, caring for those who may have nothing to give in return, treating everyone as if they were royalty.
  • As you meet with people in the days ahead, think of this story, and ponder how it might make your interaction with them different if you knew that they were Jesus.

There will be a series of Advent reflections on 24 paintings of the Virgin Mary, who plays such a vital part in the Christmas story,  starting on Dec 1. These will be posted daily online on the church blog, with links on facebook and twitter, and a limited number will be available in printed form at the back of church, for those who can't access them online. 

RECRUITING We shall need a new Treasurer in a couple of months’ time, and a new churchwarden next year. Can you help? Role descriptions for these jobs are on the board at the back of church, and I will be happy to chat with you if you think these roles might be for you.
There will be a CHRISTMAS BAZAAR in Seal Village Hall Today from 10.30am-3pm, with all sorts of stalls selling unique Christmas gifts. Please come along to support local stall holders and meet others locally. Tombola and refreshments in aid of church funds.
We need helpers to put up Christmas lights around the village on Nov 27. Please  respond to, if you can help.
Last year, saw our first and very successful Advent Window Trail which was organised by Barbara Martin. This year, we hope to have another 23 households, to decorate a window in their house throughout December. Between 1st and 23rd December, each day, a newly added decorated window will be added to the trail, ending with the Christmas Nativity Stable in Seal Church. So, by Christmas Eve, there are 24 beautiful windows and scenes to admire. This is a lovely activity for all, to follow the trial and admire the scenes.
If you would like to contribute to this fun project by decorating a window in your home, please contact Barbara on 10732 762255 or 07775 861562, or email
LAVENDER FIELDS CARE HOME Christmas fair, Sat Nov 27 – Sadly this has been cancelled because of Covid risk.
KYN is planning to call a Zoom meeting sometime in December, for anybody who is interested in plans for the ROYAL CELEBRATION next year, and plans for the choice and care of our village Covid memorial tree. We will advise as soon as a day is set, but please let Marion know ( if you would be interested in 'attending' this virtual meeting.

For more community news from Marion Gilchrist, check out the Know Your Neighbours blog.

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