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Sunday Worship Podcast and other news: June 5


Dear friends

Join us for worship online, on the phone or in the building today. 

with best wishes
Anne Le Bas

Worship podcast     Order of service
You can also access this podcast by phoning 01732 928061

In the church building today - June 5 PENTECOST
10 am  Holy Communion 
6.30pm Evensong

During the week
Monday             1pm Funeral: Pamela Rose
                           2-3.30pm Talking Village in Deniz Cafe in the High Street

Wednesday      10 am Zoom Church
Friday                9.30am Morning Prayer in Church
                           10.30-12.30 Friday Group in the church hall

Saturday            1.30pm Wedding Blessing: Tom and Abbey 

Next Sunday 
10 am   Holy Communion 
6.30pm Evensong

Acts 2.1-21, Romans 8.14-17, John 14.8-27
As well as being the Feast of Pentecost today is, of course, the Queen's Platinum Jubilee. Today's sermon explores some of the links between these two celebrations. 


Today is the Feast of Pentecost, when we think about the first followers of Jesus receiving the Holy Spirit, God's presence with them, giving them power and confidence to go out into the world and tell people about God's love. 

  • One of the traditional symbols of the Holy Spirit is wind - you could blow some bubbles and watch them float away as prayers. Or you could find some fluffy dandelion heads and blow the seeds off them, and pray as you do so. 
  • We are also celebrating the Queen's Platinum Jubilee this afternoon, with a Big Lunch on Seal Recreation Ground. Come along and join in the fun if you can. If you can't, why not have your own party at home. You could make a crown and wear it! God calls each of us to love and care for others. What might God want you to do?
Jubilee celebrations in Seal
Like the rest of the country, Seal village will be celebrating the Queen's Platinum Jubilee next weekend.
Celebrations will include:
In the Village Hall from 10 am to Noon, and then moving to the Library from Monday. 

Today Seal Big Lunch poster

FIRST COMMUNION PREPARATION.  If you are interested in your child preparing to receive Holy Communion, there will be sessions after church (at around 11.15 am) on June 12,19 and 26.  We hope to admit them to communion at the Patronal Festival on July 3

WOULD YOU LIKE TO DISCUSS FAITH WITH OTHERS? Why not join one of our home groups? They meet on Tuesday evenings (contact Babs Bartholomew or Wivine Turner) or Thursday mornings (Contact Kelly Durrant or Marion Gilchrist).

Monday afternoons between 2pm and 3.30 in Deniz's on the High Street. Buy a cup of tea or coffee and join us on the Talking Village table, for a chat and to make new friends, or catch up with old ones!
Saturdays - On the first Saturday of each month in Seal Library from 10.15-11.15am. Join us for a coffee whilst out browsing for your library books.
At both these venues, there will always be two hosts to welcome you, and we look forward to meeting with you and getting to know each other better.

Deniz's coffee shop still has some copies of our Seal Historical Guided Walk books for just £5 a copy. All proceeds go to the Seal Village Fund. A perfect time to walk around our beautiful village and see it through new eyes!

OTHER COMMUNITY NEWS - For more community news from Marion Gilchrist, check out the Know Your Neighbours blog. or email to ask to be put on her mailing list.
Would you like us to pray for you?
Email your prayer requests to:
Your email will be read by Anne Le Bas and Kevin Bright, the Vicar and Reader of Seal Church who will hold you in their prayers. Please tell us if you would like us to contact you.

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