Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Boredom Buster: Day 2

A Surprise Walk

Print out today's Boredom Buster here. 



Start from your own front door if you can, but if you are living down a long country lane with no turnings off it you might like to start from somewhere a bit more built up!

Toss a coin. If it lands “heads” up turn right. If it lands “tails” up turn left. (But make sure that the road it is directing you down is safe to walk along!)
Every time you come to a road junction toss a coin and turn right or left, depending on how it lands. If there is a side road off the one you are on, take it if the coin tells you to turn in that direction, but keep straight on if it doesn’t.
If you come to a dead end, turn around and go back the way you came until you come to another choice.

Decide how long you want your walk to be, and when you’ve used up half the time, start heading for home, by whatever route you want to – if you want a 30 minute walk, turn round after 15 minutes.
I wonder where you will get to! You might end up going round in circles!

What do you see on your walk? Is it quiet or busy? Did you meet any people? Have you ever walked along those roads before?

What are the names of the roads you are walking along? Why do you think they got those names? If you don’t know, make up a story! (Make up a story anyway if you like!)

If you just kept on walking along them, where do you think you would get to? (If you don’t know, make up another story!)

Choose two points (two lampposts, for example) and count the number of steps it takes for each of you on the walk to go from one to the other. Who takes the most strides? Who takes the fewest?

Please make sure you stay safe on your walk. Don’t go alone, and take note of where you have gone so that you can find your way home again!


Draw a map of your walk on some scrap paper.
Draw on it the things you saw.
Draw on it what the weather was like when you went for your walk.
Make it as colourful as you can and include as much detail as you can remember.

Where would you like to be?

Draw another map of an imaginary place  on some scrap paper or somewhere you would like to be.
Perhaps it is very hot, or very cold there. Perhaps it is by the sea or on the moon – it’s up to you!

What is the landscape like?
Are there any towns?
What do people do there?
What sort of places do they have to play in ?
What sort of food do they eat?
What sort of clothes do they wear?
What are their schools like?
What sort of animals live there?
Are there any monsters…?

A long time ago someone wrote in the Bible that God was like a shepherd who led his sheep in “the right pathways”. Psalm 23

Who helps you to make the right decisions about what to do and where to go? 
Say thank you for them.

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