Saturday, February 22, 2014

Boredom Buster: Day 6

House Hunting

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Go for a walk around your area. Look at the different types of houses you walk past.

House bingo

Who will be the first to spot....

  • A detached house (not joined to other houses)
  • A house with a green door
  • A house that has wood on the outside of it
  • A house made of stone
  • A house made of bricks
  • A house with a flat roof
  • some terraced houses – joined in a long line
  • A house with a red door
  • A house with a pointed roof
  • A house with a round window
  • A house with solar panels on the roof
  • A flat above a shop
  • A house with a door knocker
  • A house that used to be something else (a shop, pub or chapel perhaps?
  • A block of flats
  • A house with more than one chimney

Name that house
Some houses have numbers, some have names.
Spot the names of the houses as you walk around.

Which one do you think is best?
What would you call your house if you could choose?


Make a house out of a milk carton or a box.

You could cover it in plain paper and draw on it, or stick pictures to it.
You could cut out doors and windows, and make some furniture and people to go inside it.
You could make a “garden” around it.
You could make a GREAT BIG HOUSE if you have a big box, or a very tiny house out of of a very tiny box.

Make an indoor den
You could make a den for yourself by draping a sheet over some chairs or a table. Will anyone know you are there…?

“Shape” houses

Cut out some squares, rectangles, circles and triangles out of paper in all sorts of sizes.
Arrange them to make houses of all sorts of different shapes and make a street of them.

What shapes are the houses you can see out of your window made of?


Make a welcome sign out of cardboard to hang in your house so that people know they are welcome when they come to visit.

You could draw it and colour in the letters, or stick things to it. Make two holes in the top and thread some string through it to hang it up near your front door.

Someone wrote in the Bible
“It is better to have a dry scrap of food in a quiet house than a house where there is a feast but everyone is arguing.”
Proverbs 17.1

  • What do you think makes a happy home?

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