Thursday, February 20, 2014

Boredom Buster: Day 4

A Special Place

Print out today's Boredom Buster here.


Go for a walk to a church. Take some paper and a pencil.

If you are in Seal you can come to Seal Church, which is always open during the daytime.
If you don’t live in Seal, find another church near you to visit.

Churches open during the day in the Sevenoaks area include:
St Botolph’s, Chevening; St Mary’s, Kippington; Ide Hill Church; St Lawrence Stone Street; St Margaret’s, Underriver (at the weekends); St Mary’s, Kemsing, St Luke’s, Eardley Road (10-2, Mon to Fri), St Mary, Westerham. Others may be open too, so it is always worth a try!

Have a look around the church.
If you are in Seal Church, there is a children’s church trail leaflet, which takes you on a journey round the church and helps you to find out what is in it. You can find the leaflet in the porch, or online here.

What can you find out about the church – how old is it?
what Bible stories can you find in its stained glass windows?
What happens in the church? (look at the noticeboard to find this out)
Is there an organ in the church (there is one in Seal Church – how many pipes has it got?
What is your favourite thing in it?
Sit for a while in the church and draw a picture of something you think is special there.

Look in the graveyard 

Can you read any of the gravestones?
Which are the oldest ones you can find?
Can you read what is written on them?
Do any of the stones have lichen growing on them – this is a sort of plant that grows very slowly, so it is a sign that the gravestones are old.
What can you see from the graveyard? There is a good view from Seal church – can you see your house or road?


Make your own “mini-church” – a place to think or pray. A church is a special place where people to pray and think, to learn about Jesus and to learn how to love each other. You could make a “mini-church” - a special place in your home, by putting some things that are special to you or which help you think or pray on a small table or shelf.

Design a “stained glass window”

Print out the picture below (click on the picture and a document will open) and colour it in like a stained glass window in bright colours. What picture will you put in the circle? Stained glass windows usually have Bible stories in them. Do you know any Bible stories you could put in this window?

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