Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Children's Church Council

We had our first Children's Church Council meeting last week. A success I think. I asked the children to tell me something they liked about coming to church and something they thought we could do better or differently. I am glad to say that the first list was longer than the second, and that the list of things we could do better was all fairly do-able! The children wanted to do more in church - reading and praying and so on - and, being good Anglicans they knew they'd need a rota for this. So we made up a rota, and I had lots of enthusiastic volunteers to read and pray - if only it was as easy to get the adults to sign up to things!
We talked about the possibility of admitting children to Communion before Confirmation, something which is now permitted in the Church of England if the parish concerned wants to do it and come up with plans to prepare the children which satisfy the Bishop. Our children were enthusiastic, though a little concerned that they might get drunk...
There will be an open meeting to discuss this on Feb 24th after the morning service, and the PCC will take a decision later in the year.

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