Sunday, December 30, 2007

Lent at St Peter and St Paul

This year sees the earliest Easter since 1913! That means that Lent starts early too, and Lent groups will begin on Thursday Feb 7th - by which time we should have just about finished eating the Christmas leftovers...
This year's course is entitled "Practising Faith: the things Christians do and why they do them." We'll be exploring five different Christian practices - Baptism, Communion, social action, sharing faith and rituals around death and dying.

There will be three groups all meeting on Thursdays in Seal Vicarage:
Group 1 will meet from 10-11.30 am
Group 2, which is especially for those with small children - bring them with you and we'll chat while they play - is from 1- 2.30 pm
Group 3 is from 8-9 pm

If you'd like to come please sign the list in church, or email me to book a place.

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