Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A boring name, but an interesting meeting!

Our Annual Parochial Church Meeting (hereinafter called the APCM!) takes place on Sunday April 27th at 11.15, following on from the 10 am service. It will be held in the church hall and everyone is welcome (though only those on the electoral roll can vote). We'll be electing new Parochial Church Council (PCC) members and Deanery Synod members, who are also members of the PCC. The PCC debates and decides all sorts of things relating to the church - fabric and maintenance, the activities and services of the church, for example. It is a really important way to make sure that everyone's voice can be represented. The Deanery Synod does the same sort of thing for the Deanery - the wider group of C of E churches in the area. The Deanery Synod also elects the General Synod, which makes decisions about the church nationally. At a time when there are many important things on the church's agenda it is really important to have a wide range of views represented on these bodies. It is no good us sitting back and complaining about the decisions "they" have made - we are the "they" who makes them. If you'd like to consider standing for the PCC or Deanery Synod, there are nomination forms at the back of church.
The annual report, which is presented at this meeting, will be in church on 20th April, or can be downloaded here - Annual Report and Financial Statements.

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