Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Good News from Harare

The Bishop of Tonbridge has sent this letter this morning, with good news from Harare. See the posts below for more details of the struggle our sisters and brothers in the Anglican Church in Nigeria have been going through.

 19 November 2012
Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Diocese of Harare
I am writing on behalf of Bishop James (currently attending General Synod) and myself to
inform you of the final judgement of the Zimbabwe Supreme Court regarding the
ownership of the property.
You will know that Nolbert Kunonga, a former Bishop of Harare who broke away from the
Church of the Province of Central Africa in 2007, has laid claim to the Anglican Church’s
property and, with the aid of the State Police, has forced Anglicans out of their churches
and clergy out of their homes. This morning the Supreme Court has ordered Kunonga to
return all the property he has seized to Bishop Chad and the legitimate diocese of Harare.
The sounds of joy and celebration coming from Bishop Chad and the diocese are so great
that we can almost hear them from here. ‘We have been in exile for five years but now we
are going home,’ said Bishop Chad. In a letter (to be found on the Rochester Diocesan
Website) to members of his diocese and to friends ‘both near and far’ Bishop Chad writes:
Glory to God for the prayer and moral support from Christians of all denominations across
the world! I am elated about the outcome of the Supreme Court hearing. My sisters and
brothers in Christ, this is your victory! This is your hour! Give all the glory to our Almighty
Father in heaven. I want to immediately call upon all our people to be gracious in winning
the legal battle. Now let the work begin!
Later in his letter, he reminds his readers that the rebuilding will not be easy. There will,
indeed, be many challenges. But he finishes his letter in this way:
Come let us work together, let us rise and build! Renovate! Paint! Let us do it all to God’s
glory. God bless you all.
We thank God for this outcome. Many thanks to you all for the prayers and support you
have given in so many ways – please ensure that this message is passed to your
With best wishes
Yours in Christ,

the Rt Revd Brian Castle, Bishop of Tonbridge

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