Thursday, November 29, 2012

Women bishops: how to move forward - an article by Savi Hensman

I normally try to be as even handed as I can be about contentious issues, since I do not want to assume that everyone in the congregation (let alone in the parish of Seal) holds the same views as each other, let along the same views as I do. However many people in the past week or so have wanted to talk about the recent vote in General Synod about women bishops, and it seemed to me that it would be helpful to post links here to any information which might help people to understand the background and be part of the ongoing discussion about this issue.
There is a very good article by Savi Hensman on the Ekklesia website which sets out both the issues that need to be addressed and how we came to be in the position we are now. If anyone wants to talk or to know more (I discovered, for example, that not everyone knew what "laity" meant - those in the church who are not ordained, the people in the pews, to put it simply) please feel free to get in touch.

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