Saturday, December 14, 2013

Decorating the Christmas tree - many thanks!

Many thanks to all who turned up to help decorate the Christmas tree this morning, and to Martin Clews at Stonepitts farm for the tree.

Here is the story of what happened ...

First we put up the tree. It was a fine tree, a mighty tree. Unfortunately... was so big we couldn't get it to stay up, and you needed a machete to get past it to the children's corner. 
So we took it down again...

and sawed a couple of feet off the bottom. (Sorry, Martin... It was a SPECTACULAR tree!)
Then we put it back up again... That's more like it!

As you can see, there was an enthusiastic Advisory Committee on hand as the lights were draped here and there...

But soon everyone was piling in to help.

Everyone enjoyed putting the baubles on. Some people enjoyed it so much that they put them on....
...then took them off again and rolled them right under the tree...oops! they could put them on all over again.

If you missed out on the fun this Saturday, don't worry, there will be another chance to join in  next Saturday, when we will be decorating the rest of the church (9 am onwards). All help welcome. The more the merrier (and the faster we'll get it done!)

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