Friday, December 06, 2013

Home for Christmas? 6

Apologies for the late arrival of this - a power cut left us without electricity all morning!

Home, sweet home? Reflecting on our experiences of home

In each section of this Advent series of thoughts there will be one day when there is no poetry or music , but a practical suggestion instead. Doing something to help others is just as important as prayer and reflection, and prayer and reflection are empty without action too.

At Seal Church we support the "Loaves and Fishes" foodbank, operated by St John's Church in Sevenoaks, which distributes food to families who are struggling to make ends meet in our area.
It is hard to provide a " home, sweet home" when you are worried about putting food on the table, and the food parcels Loaves and Fishes gives out can make all the difference, taking a bit of pressure off people going through hard times.

We collect non-perishable goods - tins or packets - in a box at the back of Seal church, by the font, which are taken to be sorted and distributed . Why not pick up something extra today which could be given to a family locally? Seal church is normally open during the day, so you can bring it along any time you like.

If you aren't local, why not find out whether there is a foodbank or family support scheme near you that you can give time, money or skills to. Or perhaps you might know a family personally that could do with a bit of support or encouragement – an offer of babysitting or other practical help might be as welcome as material gifts.

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