Sunday, March 12, 2017

Singing the Faith: Day 7

Modern hymns and worship songs

Hymns continue to be written, just as they always have been. People may either love them or hate them, but that was always the case. Just like the hymns of the previous generations, some will endure, while many will soon lapse into obscurity. How many of Charles Wesley’s 6000 hymns do we now sing?

Matt Redman and Jonas Myrin’s worship song “10000 reasons” is one of the most popular of the current crop of modern worship songs. It is inspired by Psalm 103.

Matt Redman (b.1974) is a British singer/songwriter. He found faith as a young adult, and is a prominent songwriter in the contemporary Christian music world. His father committed suicide when Matt was seven, and his stepfather was abusive towards him which makes it all the more remarkable that he could write words so full of thankfulness.

Jonas Myrin is Swedish by birth, the son of missionaries, who now lives and works in Los Angeles.

  • How do you think this song compares to the hymns we have looked at this week from earlier generations? What differences in form and in tone can you see between them?

What would you sing while undergoing brain surgery? Watch at about 2.55 in this video to find out this young man's choice...

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