Friday, March 31, 2017

Singing the Faith: Day 26: Anthems - Protest and Encouragement

Beauty for brokenness (God of the Poor)

The words and music for this hymn are by Graham Kendrick b. 1950, one of the most prolific and popular modern hymn composers. He began writing songs and leading worship in his late teens, and has been associated with many UK church movements and events. The first song of his to gain widespread popularity was “Shine Jesus, Shine” but God of the poor is also very popular.  Like Blake’s hymn, Jerusalem (see yesterday's post), it encourages us to link our faith and daily life, calling us to work with God in setting right a world in which much is wrong. He is still very active and has recently been developing an approach to singing Scripture called Psalm Surfing.

  • ·         Looking at the news today, what subjects do you think we should be singing about now?

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