Sunday, May 10, 2020

Sunday Worship May 10

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For those who can't use the internet, there is now a "dial a podcast" service, giving access by phone to the reading, talk and prayer from each Sunday morning's service. Please pass on the phone number to them - 01732 928061. Calls cost the normal rate for dialing an 01732 (Sevenoaks) number.

In today's Gospel reading Jesus describes himself as the way, the truth and the life. It is part of his conversation with his disciples on the night before he died. He talks about a journey he will make to prepare a place for his disciples. In older translations of the  Bible he tells them "In my Father's house are many mansions" - "mansio" was Latin for a lodging house. The imagery he uses is that of a servant or steward going ahead of his master on a journey to make sure that all is ready at the place where they will stay, not that they will be living it up in a grand house with gold taps! Modern translations simply speak of "dwelling places" which is a bit more accurate.

The disciples don't realise he is talking about his journey through death and resurrection, and why should they? Neither would we. But it is this journey he means, and his words are intended to comfort and reassure them , when they recall them, that whatever their journey ,in life and death, they are safe in God's hands.

  • Think about your journey through life. If you could draw it as a map, what would it look like? Have there been mountains to climb, dark valleys, times when you felt lost or went in circles? What helped you in the tough parts of the journey? Were you aware of God's presence, perhaps in unexpected help that came your way? 
  • We can't know what the future holds, but what are your hopes and your fears about it?

All Age ideas

Draw some maps.

  • You could make a map of the walks you are going on at the moment, or of your garden or house. 
  • You could draw some imaginary maps of places you would like to be. 
  • You could draw a map of your life, of the things that felt like mountains or deserts or dark forest or places to play and relax. 
  • Jesus told us that he was the Way - if we walk with him we will always be safe. What do you think he meant?

Here's a video about today's Gospel story:

There are some suggestions for exploring the story here
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And this week's Pinterest board, with map crafts and activities here:

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