Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Teach us to pray 19

Creative prayer

To read more about Creative prayer see Monday's post here.

A letter to God

Today's suggestion is just what it sounds like.
Write a letter to God.
Tell him whatever you want to.
Don't worry about your spelling or handwriting - he can read it just fine.
You could draw pictures instead of writing if you prefer.
You might want to decorate your letter in some way.

When you have written the letter, what will you do with it?
You might want to burn it, or tear it up.
You might want to keep it.
You might want to share it with someone you trust.
You might want to bring it to church and put it in the prayer basket, which is brought up to the altar during the service (I destroy anything in the basket after the service without reading it, so your prayers are between you and God.)

If you like writing, why not do some more of it as a prayer activity?
You could write poems, stories or keep a journal.

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  1. Molehil8:36 am

    This idea of praying by writing a letter to God is a real eye-opener to me - I had never thought of praying in this way. It is one I shall certainly try. Thank you.